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I have been riding for Head for the past 2 years now and I couldn't be more stoked!
My go-to ski is the Kore 105, which is part of their freeride series. No job is too big or too small for this ski. I also love getting out on the Kore 117 on a powder day!

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I am stoked to say that I am partnered with Mons Royale! Mons has always made my dream clothing and has such an awesome following within the snow community. I am stoked to be able to say that they are from Wanaka, NZ and everything is based around merino! Merino is great for anyone, its soft, non-itchy, lightweight and doesnt get stinky when you go for long, sweaty hikes in the mountains! Merino wool is also sustainable which is awesome!

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I am unbelievably stoked to be partnered with the best producer of avalanche safety equipment, Pieps. Whether its you transceiver or your backpack, they have thought about everything and its functional and easy to use! Thanks guys!



Thank you to Snowcentre for your continued support! My relationship with Snowcentre began as an employee, many years ago and they now help me with boot work, ski work and with any gear I cant get through any of my other sponsors! They have a couple of gear wizards who everyone should definitely go and see!

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